Pest Control services

Rodent Investigation – A rat infestation can be damaging to your property. They are intelligent and are able to find routes into your property for food, water and harbourage.

A full survey of your house is carried out at the initial stage to assess likely access routes and provide you with the most suitable solution to eradicate these pests. A secondary and important part is to prevent rodents from accessing your property by identifying their routes and securing with mesh and/or metal one-way vales.

Drain camera inspection

Mole Treatment – Gardens, equestrian fields, golf courses and school playing fields are all possible areas where moles are active. They can cause severe damage to ground structure and potential injuries. We use appropriate control with the use of double barrel traps set into the ground.

Mole activity on a Hampshire Golf Course

Mouse Control – Mice carry and spread disease, cause damage and are a public health concern particularly within the areas where food preparation takes place.

After eradication of the infestation we are able to advise and provide prevention measures for future problems.

Squirrel Control – The Grey Squirrel is invasive and can cause damage quickly within your home. They enter loft spaces and other voids to build nests (known as a drey) and often use materials like wiring and insulation in order to do this.

We use professional spring traps that are authorised within the legal framework of The Spring Trap Approval Order 2012. Any mesh work to prevent re-entry into lofts etc must be robust and secured.

Disinfection and Decontamination Services – Professional decontamination services with the use of a fumigator for use in domestic and commercial premises.

Authorised products are used to mitigate Rodent and Bird borne diseases.

Loft Recovery – Once rodent or other pest activity has been eradicated customers can be left with contaminated and damaged loft spaces.

We offer a full recovery which involves the removal of contaminated insulation, fumigation to neutralise the area and and replacement of insulation to Building regulation standards. All waste is professionally and legally disposed of. On completion customers are able to reuse this important and useful space.

Full protective clothing and apparatus used in confined loft spaces.

Wasps/Hornets – Wasp stings can be painful and have serious effects to people’s health who suffer from allergic reactions. We aim to provide a service within 24 hours where possible and use a carbamate powder product to eradicate nests. Some nests can be dealt with from loft space however many can be treated externally. The removal of nests is dealt with on a separate basis but is left until all activity ceases.

Dormant wasp nest

Bees are an important part of wildlife and pollinizing our gardens and any opportunity to leave them until their natural season ends is advantageous, however if there is a need to remove them please contact : The British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA)

Insect Control – Professional and effective control of Fleas, Carpet and Clothes Moth, Ants and flying ants, Cockroaches, Silver Fish, Cluster Flies, Ladybirds, Bluebottle and houseflies, Cluster flies, Drain flies.

The use of pesticides are dependant upon the environment and are selected based on the type of insect present.

Bird Control – All wild birds, their eggs and their nests are protected under British law. The Feral Pigeon is classed as a pest and carry diseases through their droppings. The removal and prevention is governed under Natural England licencing which is yearly renewed. Please speak to me if you have any questions or concerns regarding bird control.

Fox Control – Foxes scavenge for food in urban areas and cause mess and destruction to peoples living environment. Often they are found living under sheds or structures built off the ground and can damage garden property. Treatment for foxes are assessed on a individual basis so please call for advise.